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HEXX chocolate

bean-to-bar. single-origin. handcrafted.

Thank you for visiting us online and for your interest in HEXX chocolate. We are small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate makers dedicated to bringing you the worlds most authentic, handcrafted, single-origin chocolate.  Our distinctive chocolate is made in its purest form with only two all natural ingredients “ cacao beans and organic coconut palm sugar. With each bite you can taste the purity on your palate.

We are quite passionate about the quality and character of our chocolate. Our farm-to-table approach to crafting chocolate begins by traveling the world to visit farms and build relationships with cacao farmers. This allows us to work with only the best quality cacao beans containing the most intense and complex flavor profiles. Each origin of cacao bean offers different nuances of flavors that make them truly unique.

Our mission is to share the joy and magic of craft chocolate with friends and guests while hosting one-of-a-kind tasting experiences. At our exhibition kitchen located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, we invite you to join us for an up-close look into the exclusive world of bean-to-bar chocolate making. Arrive a guest; depart a friend.

Hope to see you soon.